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Nail Pre-Season Training With These Football Fitness Drills

At the end of a hard football season, it’s tempting to kick back and give yourself the entire summer off to recharge your...

Six-Week Training Plan For All-Round Fitness

There’s nothing wrong with training for an aesthetic goal – and besides, if someone trains hard but says they don’t care how they...

The 10 Best Online Personal Trainers and Fitness Apps

Dating is online, working is online, shopping is online – and why should personal training be any different? With the average work day...

Tough Mudder Training Plan

Obstacle course raceshave dramatically increased in popularity in recent years, in large part thanks to the global success of Tough Mudder. But they’re...

Triathlons: The New Fitness Frontier

There was a time when taking part in a marathon was an undertaking only for those hardcore and devoted. Now? Chances are if...

How To Train For A 100-Mile Sportive

As more and more people take to two wheels for their daily commute, it’s only natural that there is a corresponding rise in...

Use This Workout To Get A Body Like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

This article was first published in April 2015 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is huge right now. Bigger than huge, he’s positively massive, both at...

Six-Week Get Back To Fitness Plan

The mistake many people make when they try to get back into training is to go too hard too soon, obliterating their motivation...

Exerceo EMS Training Class: The Legit Electric Muscle Stimulation Programme

What is EMS Training? When anyone mentions electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), the first thing that comes to mind are products marketed with outlandish promises like,...

10K Training Plans For Everyone

A 10K race is an excellent distance for runners of all abilities, especially beginners looking to enter their first mass-participation event. As oppose...


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