Photography: Jim Crossley, F45 Kingston

If you’re a regular in the gym, it’s likely that you know the benefits of packing as many compound exercises into your training as possible. Working multiple muscle groups and joints at once through moves like squats and burpees not only helps you carve out a lean physique, but also results in everyday strength benefits and better mobility.

So you won’t need any convincing to try this circuit from fitness studio F45 Kingston, which focuses on functional HIIT workouts. It’s aimed at people who are already training regularly and will take around 36 minutes to complete.

If you’re newer to the gym, here’s a more accessible functional workout from F45 Kingston.

How To Do The Workout

Tackle four rounds of the circuit below, working for 40 seconds on each of the nine exercises, with 20 seconds rest between moves. Your aim is to complete as many reps of the exercise as possible in each block of work.

Don’t slack off or you’re missing the entire point of HIIT (high-intensity, yeah?), and pay close attention to the Dos and Don’ts for each exercise provide by F45 Kingston’s coaches.

1. Kettlebell swing

Do: Swing from the hips, not from the arms
Don’t: Swing higher than head height

2. Box jump burpee

Do: Jump back from the box and into the burpee in a single movement
Don’t: Land with straight legs – keep the landings soft on and off the box

3. Bear crawl

Do: Keep your back straight and knees close to the floor to engage your core

4. Toe taps

Do: Bring your heels up to meet your hands

5. Plyometric press-up

Do: Push off in an explosive movement
Don’t: Land with straight arms – absorb the impact by bending your arms

6. Resistance band star jump

Do: Stretch the band with both legs and arms when you extend
Don’t: Use too thick a band or the tempo will drop

7. Kettlebell press

Do: Rest the kettlebells on your forearms and shoulders at the bottom of the movement
Don’t: Arch your back as you press upwards

8. Plyometric lunge

Do: Get your back knee almost to the ground
Don’t: Let your front knee extend over your front foot or let your legs twist

9. Russian medicine ball twist

Do: Touch the ground on each side with the ball
Don’t: Arch your lower back

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